Sónar goes back to the future at SónarCCCB


This October, Sónar presents SónarCCCB, two days of live performances, DJs sets, talks, workshops, exclusive video content and demonstrations, taking place at Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona - CCCB - the festival’s original home.
Featuring live-shows and digital content from artists pushing the boundaries of electronic music, talks from leading artists, scientists and researchers, 12 hours of dj sets from the best of the local scene via dublab.es, SónarCCCB will be a return to live performance and dj sets in front of an in-person audience as well as a celebration of club culture, technological innovation and creativity in all its forms.
Going back to our roots in more ways than one, SónarCCCB will present an extensive musical program with live performances from leading experimental pop voices such as Koreless, Leon Vynehall, Tirzah, Object Blue or DJ Nigga Fox, as well as live shows and premiers from the most exciting local and national talent including Rakky Ripper, Palica, Iro Aka and Cora Novoa, presenting her new collaborative project with students from Taller de Musics - Cora Novoa and the Artifacts.
In addition, Barcelona based internet radio station and community hub dublab.es will present 12 dj sets and 2 live performances, showcasing the best of the city’s emerging talent.
Full details of the musical program can be found here.
Running in parallel to the musical program, Sónar+D will once again bring together the creative, technological and scientific communities at Sónar CCCB with a full program of talks, roundtable discussions, workshops and a dedicated exhibition space, SonarHub.
This year’s event will explore themes ranging from , how we can design a better future through worldbuilding, to creative programming and AI, via cryptoart, neuroscience, digital creation and the pros and cons of the new digital economy.
Speakers and participants addressing these concepts key to understanding our present and future moment include programmers and researchers such as  Casey Reas, Tega Brain or Caroline Sinders, digital artists including Filip Custic, Anna Carreras or Joana Moll and leading curators and scientists Lalin Akalan, Beatrix de Gelder, Mel Slater and many more.
Full details of the Sónar+D programm can be found here.
Tickets for the in-person program are on-sale now, with an extensive digital program to be live-streamed by bétevé during the festival. You can watch it here.